Sunday, September 11, 2011

Update on Baby #5

For those of you who may have not heard, I found out around August 10th or so that I was pregnant again with baby #5. It was happy news and we did share with many of our friends and family. I wasn't sure how far I was along (due to many different reasons which I won't go into here) and so I made an appointment with the OB to get a more precise date and start the maternal care. My first appointment with the doctor was on August 25th and we did get an ultrasound then as well. The doctor informed us at that visit that he "did not see a fetus" and wanted me to do some blood tests in the following week to determine how much pregnancy hormone (HCG) was in the blood.

The results showed that I had very elevated levels 93,000 the first time and 24 hours later it was reading at 106,206. The doctor was very surprised at HOW high they were and later told me that in a normal pregnancy that ladies with levels at 1500-2000 that he is able to see a fetus and a heartbeat at the same gestation that he thought I was (anywhere from 7-10 weeks).

After the blood tests, I went in for another ultrasound on September 8th and it was clear when we were looking at the picture the ultrasound tech was showing us that something was wrong. Neither David nor I could really see anything but an empty sac. The tech showed us that she could see a fetal pole, whereas last time it seemed we only saw a yolk sac. It seemed quite bleak and she said that the fetal pole was measuring only 5 weeks and that the amniotic sac was measuring about 8 weeks, which shouldn't happen. They should be progressing at roughly the same gestation.

When the doctor came to see us, he basically informed us that this was not a normal pregnancy and called it in fact an "empty pregnancy" saying that either the egg or the sperm did not contain enough genetic information to form a baby, but that my body proceeded to make all the other things a baby needs and it is tricking my body into thinking that I am pregnant. He says that I should be prepared for a miscarriage soon and suggested that I should take something to speed the process along. I really did not want to go that route as it just doesn't feel right to do that. Please pray that my body will follow the natural course and that I will not have to make the choice to take something.

My health could be in jeopardy if I wait too long for this to happen on its own, but at the same time, I just cannot justify speeding up the process when I do not see the need to do so. Maybe there was never a baby there, but maybe there was. I just don't know and I can't always wonder for the rest of my life if I killed a baby inside of me.

I could really use your prayers during this time as it has been emotional and difficult at times. I know God is in control though and that baby #5 is safe in His arms or will be in the near future. I am reminded of the newest song by Laura Story called "Blessings" (click the link if you have never heard it....great song) and often I am reminded that trials can sometimes be our blessings in disguise. I can't say how right now this is a true "blessing," but as time goes on I know things will become more clear. I do know that God is faithful and that He will hold me through this time as He always has in the past. Love you all, thanks for your prayers!

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Larraine said...

Prayers for you and David every day. Larraine