Sunday, September 11, 2011

Discovery Park

We made sure to make use of the warm weather here on the east side during the summer and have gone to many of the local parks to celebrate the "no rain" situation we find ourselves in (finally!) One of our favorite parks thus far, has been Discovery Park. They have lots of neat and creative play areas including a sand box (one with just sand and another with sand and water), a splash pad, an in-ground trampoline, a rock slide (literally a large rock to slide down), music features (drums/chimes), and the traditional swings and slides as well of course. They also have poetry and things written in the cement and this one is right as you come in the park across a bridge. The whole park is fenced except for the bridge entrance.

The over-sized chair was a nice place to photograph the twins and they had fun climbing up there.

The twin swings with the twins swinging.

And the twin slides, with the twins sliding.

This was a big pumpkin, and Naomi liked to go inside and yell to hear her voice echo. Caleb enjoyed that feature too as you see him yelling here.

Mr. Caleb posing for a brief moment before running off to play again.

Daniel having fun in the big pumpkin.

Josiah getting super dizzy on the spinning cups. They just keep going and going and going and they are really hard to stop!

The lopsided merry-go-round was a fun toy for them as well, but it was hard to get that thing spinning very well. I guess it wasn't meant to really spin fast apparently.

Naomi had a blast exploring everywhere also. She also gave me a huge scare at the end of the play day. I told the boys it was time to go and wanted them to get their shoes on. Josiah informed me he saw some hummingbirds over in this other area and I went over there with them to get their shoes on and look at the birds. We had been the only ones at the park the whole time, 'cause we went there at like 8am in the morning and so I wasn't concerned I would lose Naomi or whatever as she had been toddling after me all morning.

Needless to say, as we were getting shoes on and such, she DID wander off and out of the park. She heard we were going and I think she was headed to the car and then overshot a bit. I started to panic a little and then a lady pulled up with her kid and told me that my little girl was just over there a ways (past her car) and it was then that she emerged from the bushes! Ugh! It reminded me of the time we almost lost her at church too, but it turns out she just made a beeline for her classroom and was there the whole time. Lesson learned though and I need to make sure I hold on to her when I say it is time to go!

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