Sunday, September 11, 2011

Visit With Great Grandma Betty

My parents stayed four days with us after the move and one of the days, we went to the nursing home where my Grandma lives to have a visit with her. She was absolutely delighted to see the kids and got very animated with them when they came near. They were a little shy at first, but warmed up more after being there for a while. We wheeled Grandma out into the main area and they had some toys for the boys to play with, which was very popular. Here Caleb is showing Great Grandma one of the singing dolls. They kept turning them on and the adults kept turning them off!

Naomi is always shy with new people at first and this is her "I'm not so sure about you," expression. She gave this one to Uncle Steve when he came in to visit Grandma too.

My Mom always loves to come and visit her Mom and it was of course nice to have all of us there with her too for her to show off her grand kids!

Caleb was his usual self, hamming it up wearing any dress-up clothes he could find. He was very outgoing with Great Grandma and came up to talk to her and show her things the most.

Grandpa was showing Josiah how to use the saw here and was joking around with Uncle Steve as well.

Uncle Steve pulled out some Grandpa Hal tricks and hid the object in somebody's ear or something and the twins were amazed.

Naomi really enjoyed looking at and listening to the birds that they had at the nursing home also. Although Great Grandma couldn't talk (due to her stroke), I know if she could she would have told us that she loves us and that she was glad we came by. I just talked to her a lot and asked the kids various questions, so that she could hear their voices and hear our updates as well. She seemed to like that a lot. We love you Great Grandma Betty and are glad we live closer now and can visit you more often!

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