Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sarah's Visit

About a week after we were settled, we had some west side visitors! My friend Sarah and her kiddos Taylor, Colin, & Ryan came to visit. Our kids always have a lot of fun together. Josiah is the ringleader and Taylor and Colin pretty much follow him everywhere! We went to Riverfront Park together one of the days she was here, but I forgot my camera that day and so I have no pictures of that event. However, we went on the Skyride (which Daniel and Josiah got scared on a bit) and the kids played in the big water feature there as well. It was a bit of a long day for the Momma's, but the kids had a blast! I didn't get any pictures of Taylor I realized after the fact also! But here above is Colin, Josiah and Ryan chilling in our chair at home.

This typifies the silliness that ensued when our friends came. Daniel and Caleb love Sarah and we all enjoyed having them come to visit us in our new home. Thanks Sarah for taking the time to come over and visit!

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