Sunday, September 11, 2011

Random Summer Memories

Grandma & Grandpa took a trip to Disneyworld this summer and sent the kiddos some monogrammed Mickey hats and some cute little Disney-themed matchbox cars. Josiah thought he was too old to wear the hat, but I informed him that it will be a keepsake for him someday. Naomi got a pink hat with her name on it as well and a little Minnie Mouse cell phone toy. They got me a funny nightgown with Minnie Mouse dressed in a robe and bunny slippers, red-eyed, holding a donut in one hand and a coffee in the other with the words, "Mornings are not pretty." And indeed they are not! I have never been a morning person, so that was fitting. David got a nice 2011 Disneyworld T-shirt also from them. They also sent some pictures of them at the various dinners they attended in some magnets to put on our fridge. Thanks for the gifts Mom and Dad, glad you had a good time!

Josiah has had lots of fun reconnecting with his old buddy Colton. When they were very little (under one) they used to play with each other a lot. Interestingly enough, they are two of a kind and really get along well as they are both very high energy and leader types. Because of this they also fight from time to time too, but mostly they are buddies and have great fun together!

The boys are trying to drag Daddy down here, but Daddy managed to pull them across the floor and into the living room a little ways before getting too pooped to pull around 120 pounds or so of weight!

At one of the other parks in Spokane, Miss Naomi was cuddling with her Daddy. It is so fun to watch them together and lately when he comes in the room she will say, "DADDY!" with a very gleeful tone.

Here she is pointing at Momma taking the picture.

One day we made some crafts to show the grandparents on Skype and the boys had fun being creative with fluffly balls, pipe cleaners, crayons, markers, and glue on eye-balls.

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