Sunday, September 11, 2011

Franklin Park

On one of the hotter days of the summer (I think it was in the 90's that day?), we met my cousin's wife Natalie and her two girls, Sophie & Evelyn, at Franklin Park, which is near to the Northtown mall in Spokane. She lives in Newport, so it was a pretty good halfway point in which to meet up. Sophie of course (age 2) doesn't know me that well and when I took her picture here, she is giving me this look like, "Who are you lady and why are you taking my picture?" It cracked me up!

Evelyn and Josiah had fun in the splash zone and are attempting to squirt each other here as you can see. We were very thankful they had a water area as it was SO hot that day!

Daniel and Caleb enjoyed the water too and I got a nice shot of Daniel running away from the water when it popped up again after being turned off.

Caleb was enjoying the regular equipment as well as the water feature also and went back and forth between the two quite often.

Naomi really didn't want to get near the water, but was doing her girly pose here to show me where the water was when I asked her.

Before Natalie came, we sat in a shaded area and had some lunch and Naomi got PB & J all over her outfit despite the bib!

Josiah, Daniel and Caleb ate also in between running around to check out all the equipment and eventually finished eating.

The shaded area was really nice and it was a relief to have it there as it really was scorching that day! Afterward when I came home, I felt really yucky and I think I might have been a bit dehydrated or something. It was fun visiting with Natalie though and catching up as well as watching our kids play. We are closer now, but it is still about an hour and a half to Newport, so we are glad to see them when we can! Thanks Natalie and girls for coming out to play with us!

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