Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April Adventures

This is a collection of pictures from April that I thought I would include together, since there were just a few of them.

The kids love their apples and here we have the three littlest ones on the bench eating their apples with their feet on the recyling bin box in their jammies.  You can see Mr. Josiah hiding in the background eating his apple also!
Our apple eaters!

Josiah was watching a video for Social Studies about landforms here (the "V" to to show the landform in the picture of a valley) and I would like to point out that he still from time to time lines his cars up in a row as well.  The cars are watching the video with him is what he told me. 

Josiah watching a video for school with his cars.

Grandma Walker bought Miss Naomi this little ladybug suit for the summer and on this warm, sunny day in April she got to try it out for the first time.  She is actually trying to take it off here, but Mommy didn't let her do that!  Her modus operandi for "fun in the sun" was to get near to the pool full of cold water and then run away before or after her brothers splashed her.  She only likes to get wet when she decides! 

Baby girl in her ladybug suit.
Meanwhile, the brothers (and friends Colton & Kylie) were more than happy to get as wet as they could in the pool and threw everything but the kitchen sink in there with them.  However, I don't doubt that if a kitchen sink WAS available, they would have thrown that in there also!  You can also see Colton chasing a beach ball in the distance as well. 

The boys having some water fun.

This is a shot of the littlest kiddos showing me their muscles!  Aren't they strong?  They sure think so!  One thing is for sure is that they are very cute!

The little ones showing me their muscles!

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