Thursday, April 26, 2012

Josiah Going for High Blue!

Josiah before his test.

Josiah is keeping continuing to earn his Taekwondo belts every two months.  I am not sure when this pace will slow, but I think as he gets closer to black that the intervals between tests will get longer.  Master Justin told me before that they do this smaller interval at the early stages to keep the children encouraged to keep moving forward.

This time Mommy got to see Josiah do the test and Daddy came to the belt ceremony (we switch each time).  I tried to be inconspicuous in the back taking photos and got a few good ones.  He did really well during his test and we were very proud.  Here is a video link to his tests.  The first one is of him doing the physical routines and the second is of him doing the verbal portion (they have to come prepared to answer a question about Taekwondo each time).  This time he had to be prepared to define the five codes of Taekwondo (respect, humility, perseverance, self control, and honesty).   On the verbal portion video, Master Justin explains the difference between calling Josiah "Jo-Sizzle" and "JO-SI-AH!!!"  It is "Jo-Sizzle" when he is doing good and "JO-SI-AH!!!" when he is not paying attention.  It is pretty funny. 
Josiah during the test.
Master Justin is pretending to pound Josiah here.  Josiah didn't want to pose for a picture (of course), but Master Justin didn't let him get away! 
Josiah with Master Justin. 
Daddy and Josiah went to the belt ceremony a couple of Saturdays after the original test and he got his actual belt.  You can see his "I'm proud, but don't want a picture" pose here.  They had to go to the Northside Dojang for this ceremony and there were a few black belts given out as well, which was a rare thing to get to see.  Hopefully, we will get to see Josiah get his black belt someday too! 
Josiah after the belt ceremony with his new high blue belt.

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