Saturday, May 12, 2012

Colton's 7th Birthday!

Colton's bow hat!
This year we got to celebrate with Colton for his 7th birthday!  It was fun to come to one of his birthdays again as the last time, Josiah was very little and so was Colton for that matter!  As you can see, his birthday was in a nice shady park on a very sunny day.  There were some squirt guns to play with and other outdoor toys as well, but mostly the kids just loved running around in the grass!

Beautiful Kylie!
Colton's sister Kylie was there of course and gave me a winning smile here!

Kim pondering the lighter.
At first, the lighter wasn't working too well and Kim was looking at it questioningly here.  I love the expression of all the kiddos in this shot too watching her.  The candle was lit once and one of the kids (probably one of mine, I didn't see) blew it out before Colton could and there was a great outcry by the older children!

Chris lighting the candle for the 2nd time.
Then Chris stepped in and lit the candle again for the second time, hence his smile here as he is doing it. 
Colton sharing his wish with Josiah.
After Colton blew the candle out, Josiah said, "What did you wish for?" Colton said something like, "I wished for you to be here with me Josiah."  You can see Chris saying, "Awwwww!" in the background.  It is nice that they are such good buddies!

Me and Kim!
And speaking of is a picture of me and Kim! It has been so fun living over here again and getting to hang with Miss Kim.  We have a lot of fun together and she is a great friend!  

Caleb taking a "gun" drink and Naomi watching the festivities.
As you can see, Caleb found a very practical use for his squirt gun, to give himself a drink once in a while.  Naomi was very engrossed in whatever was happening on the opposite side of the table!

Daniel shooting himself with the squirt gun.
Daniel was very pleased with himself and you can see on his shirt that he was squirting himself with the squirt gun.  Many people tried to squirt him a number of times and that was NOT popular!  He could "give it" to others, but definitely could not "take it!"  

Lastly, we have some gift opening and you can see three very eager children around Colton looking to see what is inside as well!   It was a really fun day in the park and I think Colton had a good time!  When we left, Kim and Chris gave all of our children a balloon, which they loved!  It was nice that it was such a warm day in May to enjoy Colton's birthday.  Thanks to Chris and Kim for inviting us! 

Colton opening gifts with very curious onlookers.

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