Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Awana Closing Ceremony

Daddy & Naomi walking to the ceremony.
At the end of the Awana year, they always have a big ceremony to give awards and thank-yous to all the volunteers.  This Awana group was no different than that, but this was our first with this church to experience the closing ceremony.  Naomi was tickled pink (literally) to be able to come in with us to the ceremony and I couldn't resist capturing her with her Daddy.  Precious moments!

Caleb & Daniel making their way to the stage.
All Caleb and Daniel could talk about the week before the ceremony was that they would "get to go on the stage!" Their teachers Mrs. Wally and Mr. Brett told them they would get to be on the stage to get their awards and so they were very excited.  You can see their proud faces here as they make their way to the stage.  I would like to note that our children are near the front with the leader as I am sure that was a necessary step to keep them in line! 

Josiah making his way to the stage.
Josiah was trying to hide from me as I took a picture of him on the way to the stage, but once again Mommy wins and got a photo!  In front of him with the red pigtails is his friend Teresa who lives just down the road from us.  He has had some fun in recent days playing with her and the other neighborhood children in the afternoons and late evenings.  She is a sweet little girl and seems to like Josiah as well. 

Caleb & Daniel on the stage.
These photos aren't the greatest as they were from far away with the zoom, but you get the idea.  The boys were so proud to get their awards.  This was the twins' first year in Awana and I think they really enjoyed it!  They both got a Cubby cup with some candy and stickers in it along with a Cubby bear to sew onto their vest for completing their first book.

Josiah on the stage.
Josiah got a Sparky cup and candy and stickers in his cup as well as a reward for a good year in Awana.  He already got his 2nd book ribbon earlier in the year and will be moving on to his 3rd and final Sparky book next year.  

Naomi peeking at her little buddy behind her.
Naomi was sitting with us in the audience and she found a little buddy to peek at over the seats.  They were so cute looking at one another!

Daniel boy!
After the ceremony, they had cake downstairs to celebrate.  Daniel posed for me in his Cubby vest.  

Caleb boy!
And Caleb boy of course gave me his happy Caleb smile as well in his Cubby vest.

Josiah boy!
Josiah as usual had to be caught in a picture before he ran off again, but here is a close-up of him in his Sparky vest.

And lastly, Miss Naomi had to have a picture too as she will not be left out of the fun!  She is always pretty in pink!  It was fun to see the kids get their awards and I went around to thank their leaders afterward and chatted with some of the others parents also.  We will look forward to the next Awana year in the fall.  Thanks to Valleypoint Church and all the volunteers who make Awana happen! 
Naomi girl!

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