Saturday, September 15, 2012

High Purple Belt--Movin' On Up!

Josiah before his high belt test talking with one of the other boys about Phineas and Ferb shows.  They were getting pretty animated about it too!

Josiah is in the back on the left and they are doing some warmups before they got ready to test. 

Here are the high blues (in the back) and the high purples (in the front) doing their sa ban chuck routines. Josiah did a really fabulous job! I was very proud! Daddy got to go to the belt ceremony, but we were told after the test that he had passed. Here is a link to Josiah doing his Poomse' routine. At the end of the Poomse' video, Master Justin asked Josiah, "Where's my frosty?" Earlier in the week, Josiah was told if he did well at practice he would get a frosty, but that particular day he didn't do so good. Master Justin was just teasing him today though.

Afterwards, Master Justin told Josiah that he would be moving up to the "high purple and above" class and that he would need to come to class with two nunchucks.  He was REALLY excited to have a 2nd set and here I said, "Say two nunchucks," and he is pretending to twirl them here to show how ready is!  He is on the way to black belt now for sure.  Master Justin told us he could conceivably have it in about 2 1/2 years if he continues on the path.  Pretty cool!  Great job Josiah!

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