Saturday, September 15, 2012

Naomi Girl is Growing Up!!

Miss Naomi has just been exploding with words here of late and it has been so fun to hear all her words!  I linked lots of video here of her talking as well to show the progress of where she has come from.  The first video is of her talking on her phone to many various people as you will see.  She loves to play with the Woody doll and he has lots of "sayings" when you pull his string.  She many times will holler out "HEE HAW!" like Woody and here she is dressed like him too!  It is cowgirl Naomi!  When she puts on her clothes she always says, "I do delf, Momma!" and runs away so I can't assist her.  She calls her shoes and socks her "doos and docks." 

 Daddy caught a really funny moment when Naomi was describing a "MONSTA!!"  (aka monster).  She gets quite animated in this video telling us ALL about it!! And the above picture is when Miss Naomi got into the sitckers one day.  You can deduce from this that perhaps she might like stickers!  Another funny thing she likes to do of late is to call brother Caleb "DAPA" for whatever reason.  I think that is her version of "brother" and she will call for him all over the house, "DAPA!" and he knows that is his name and comes running.  They seem to be best buddies of late and have a lot of fun together.  However, sometimes I get the "DAPA hurt me, Momma!!"  Whenever I tell her to do something she will say, "Otay, Mommy."  Here is a video of her doing some singing for all of you. 

This is a classic Naomi face when she is givng us some attitude.  The other day I was changing her diaper and telling her it was time for naptime.  She argued with me a bit saying, "No," and then I said, "Mommy is in charge and it is time for a nap!"  She then smiled real big and said very matter of factly, "No, Mommy, I in charge!!"  It was VERY hard not to laugh loudly at this point, but I needed to be the Mommy and follow through.  Here she is in a video playing "Patty Cake" with Daddy.  She is growing up so fast and it is such a joy to have her in our family!

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