Friday, November 16, 2012

Josiah's 1st trophy!!

Josiah passed his test for red belt and this is the first belt where you also get a trophy along with your new belt.  It is the stepping stone belt to the next higher level of belts all the way to black belt.  He is also going to sparring class twice a month too now that he is a higher belt.  Here was an attempt to get a good picture of Daddy and sweet Josiah, but both are not fond of pictures.  However, both are very handsome I would like to point out!

Josiah wouldn't get up and talk to his fellow classmates at first because he "didn't know anybody," but when Cole and Reed came Josiah wanted to get up right away.  Daddy said, "But you don't know anybody, you need to stay here!"  He tried to hold him down, but Josiah then was very eager to get up and greet his friends, and so Daddy finally let him go.  Here we have Reed, Cole & Josiah trying to hide from the pictures I was taking.  As you can see, it was the camera for the win! 

Josiah is trying hard NOT to smile here with his trophy and his new red belt with Master Justin.  We are very proud of his progress.  He has come a long way from where he couldn't even do a jumping jack to all the intricate routines he does now!  It has been fun to see him get better and better and we look forward to him getting his black belt in probably about 2 years or so. 

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