Monday, November 19, 2012

Snow Day

When we got our first really dumping of snow (on Nov. 12th), the kids went out and had some fun in it.  It was a good thing they did too as we really didn't get another round of it until closer to Christmas!  Josiah and Naomi are laying on the snowballs they made here.
Josiah is attempting to throw a big snowball at someone.  Thankfully he missed. 

Daniel is trying to stay warm and dry, but was rather unsuccessful.  He kept getting irritated that his mittens would come outside of his coat and allow snow to touch his skin near his wrists.  I was forever trying to fix his mittens to satisfy him, but finally told him he would have to deal with it or go back inside! 
Caleb was loving the snow and the outdoor play and had a great time!  

Naomi liked eating the snow and she also enjoyed playing as well.  They all wanted some hot chocolate upon their return to the house, so we took off all their wet things and did just that!

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