Friday, December 07, 2012

Caleb & Daniel's 5th Birthday!

 Caleb & Daniel blowing out the candles on their cake.  They were very interested in licking the frosting off the candles afterward too!  Here is a link to us singing "Happy Birthday" to our twin five-year-olds!
It is pretty hard to believe they are five now!  They are definitely growing up!  

  We had this cake made at Rosaur's and though they didn't have the "car kit" to put on the cake, I assured them we had it covered!  So we used our own cars to park on the cake itself and it worked out great!  

 Some of the kiddos took to singing songs during the meal before and as you can see Matthew didn't like the sound of it! 

 More singing and the twins are really into it here!  They sang the "ABC's" a few times and various other numbers as the kids thought of songs to sing. 

 Time to open presents!  

The twins are opening a gift from the Craciuns, which was a big set for these hamster critters that go around on a track and then battle in this center ring.  They were very interested in getting the track all set up and Evan was eager to show them how to do it.  The party really went well and I think the twins had a fun time!  We had a lot of friends come and join us and that was really special too!  Thanks one and all for the lovely gifts and your presence on their special day!

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Jee said...

I can't believe that they are 5 already!!! Where did the time go?