Friday, October 14, 2005

Bath Time is for the Birds

So unlike most moms I have talked to, I don't give Josiah a bath everyday. For one thing...he doesn't get that dirty and what DOES get dirty is washed 8-10 times a day with baby wipes. Also, I had read somewhere that babies skin has its own oils and such and if you wash them all the time then you wash away that natural oil that mosturizes their skin. However, this makes for a very disoriented baby when I do give him a bath (about once a week) because it is pretty new everytime I do it. Not to mention, it seems most everytime after I wash him, he decides to pee on the towel afterwards which is always fun.

Today I brought a metal bowl to bathtime and poured water on his hands. His expression was pretty static and he was a little worked up, so much so that he got the hiccups. I would like to enroll in one of those baby/mommy swim classes, but I probably will wait until he can hold his head up better. He can hold it up now of course, but it still wobbles a bit.

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