Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Crack of Dawn!!

So much to Mommy's dismay, little Josiah likes to get up at the crack of dawn, which around here is either 5 or 6am. He is like Daddy in that he doesn't like to eat first thing in the morning, but likes to be awake for a while and THEN eat.

This means that Mommy has been up playing with little baby most mornings. Not that she is complaining about playing with the baby mind you, but rather she wonders "why can't this be at 7 or 8am?" Baby seems to be the most talkative in the morning ("owww, ahhwa, owwa" are his favorite words) and so I can't help but smile and pretend I am a morning person!

So I play with him for about 30 minutes, give him a feeding when he starts to get fussy and then he goes off for his morning nap and sleeps for a good 2 hours usually. This is when I get caught up on housework and/or take a shower. He seems to be back on his nap schedule and on some days (like today) he has been sleeping a lot. Maybe he is having a growth spurt! Last time we checked he was 16 pounds and about 25 inches long. He is a big boy! His 4 month check up will be on October 28th, so stay tuned!

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kristenL said...

what a cutie.
i just want to kiss those cheeks!