Saturday, October 01, 2005

The Other Great Grandparents Visit Us

This was the first time that my grandparents on my Dad's side got to see little Josiah. They travel around a lot in their RV and were far away when he was born. Today the drove up from the Tri-Cities to see him. First thing when Grandpa got seated he held his arms out to hold Josiah. It was really precious!

We had a nice visit with them as well. Grandpa was telling me how he is writing down his biography and asked me if I would be willing to type it out for him so that he can edit it properly. I said I would if he would send what he has written to me.

Grandma and Grandpa plan to head down to Desert Hot Springs in November and will stay there for 6 months. They plan to take some writing classes together twice a week and Grandma also plans to take a swimming class as well. They usually move every two weeks, but decided this year to just stay in one place for 6 months to see how that goes.

I was glad to see them again as it had been 2 years (at our wedding) since we had seen them last.

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