Friday, September 30, 2005

Visiting the Great Grandparents

Today I went to meet my Aunt Genny in Cheney to pick up the cloth diaper covers that she finished sewing for me (the washable velcro wasn't so washable after all), but before I met with her for lunch, I stopped off to see Josiah's Great Grandma & Great Grandpa! We had a nice time visiting and they were just thrilled to see little baby again. They had seen him only twice before, once in the hospital after he was born and then at their 60th anniversary celebration in August (see post). Grandma was singing him a Norweigan song that she knew in this picture and Grandpa was all smiles as he was holding the little one. He also whistled a tune or two for baby and Josiah liked that a lot.

I also got to show them how he can roll over now (he actually did it on cue for them) as well as how he plays with his toys. His special favorite of late is his little driver's console toy. It makes sounds when you pull the gear shift, turn the key, honk the horn and so on. When he first started playing with it and "accidentally" pulled the gear shift his eyes would get really big wondering where that sound was coming from!

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