Sunday, September 04, 2005

D & H Become Members at Valley Fourth Memorial

David and I became members of our church today along with around 10 other people. We all attended a class to learn more about our church as well as what they stand for and believe in. It was also a neat way to meet other people who are new to the church as well as get to know the senior pastor.

Normally, people are asked to give their testimony when becoming members in front of the congregation, but in the past many people decide not to do so. This time we were all "strongly encouraged" to do so since the elders of the churh as well as Pastor John thought it would benefit the congregation to hear about how God has worked in our lives.

David and I wrote out our testimonies to read & then when we discovered we were the only ones with a written script, David improvised his testimony. I am not good at improvising, and so I read mine and of course started crying in the middle of it, true to form!

Everyone before me that shared was either a pastor's kid or a missionary's kid and so before I spoke Pastor John jokingly said, "Didn't you know that to be become a member here at Valley Fourth Memorial that you have to be from a Pastor or a Missionary's family?" Everyone laughed and then I said, "And to follow the trend, I also am a Pastor's kid!" The man that spoke after me said, "I hate to break this pattern, but I didn't grow up in a nice Christian family like these folks." Pastor John then pretended that he wasn't going to become a member after all and again we all laughed.

As a side note, becoming a member of the church has nothing to do with our salvation into the Kingdom of God, rather it is just a public commitment to serve in our church and be under the leadership of our Pastor there. David and I both do not like to be pigeon holed into a specific denomination, but rather go to churches that preach what the Bible says and hope to grow spritually wherever we are planted.

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