Sunday, September 11, 2005

Teaching Sunday School

Due to sharing my testimony for church, the Sunday School director called me to see if I would be willing to teach the 3rd grade Sunday School class. She asked me to pray about it and get back to her. I knew that I would be gone for at least a couple of weekends and told her that, but she said there were 3 substitute teachers this year and so it would be OK if I had to leave a couple of times.
As it turned out, it was a great opportunity for me to serve in the church and another lady named Dionne was also interested and so she and I are team teaching the 3rd graders. This works out nicely for the times I need to be gone and for her when she needs to be gone too.

We are teaching them about Joseph and are doing a precept study for children by Kay Arthur. It is pretty in depth for 3rd graders, but it is really fun to teach and I think we will all learn a lot about what God can teach us through Joseph's life.

I got really creative and cut out a multi-colored tunic to hang on the wall and then took each of the kid's pictures and asked them some basic questions and posted these on the tunic. I also made each of them some nametags from the same material (glued onto tagboard) in the shape of a tunic as well. It was really fun to do. Dionne designed a rewards system where the kids get stickers each week for attendance, bringing their book, completing the lesson during the week, memory verse and bringing a new friend. This has proven to be a great motivator for the kids as they get a piece of candy every 5th sticker and will get a full size candy bar after 25 stickers.

Teaching this first day was really rewarding and I am looking forward to getting to know these kids better and learning more about God's word myself through on this journey!

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