Friday, September 16, 2005

Baby Tour 2005

Today we took our first major trip with baby Josiah. We had promised our old church choir back in Bothell that we would come and visit them after the baby was born (as we moved right when we got pregnant). We stayed with one of our friends in the choir, Lana, for Friday and Saturday night and went to Northshore Baptist church on Sunday. We also got to visit the choir members on Saturday at their choir retreat and had lunch with them as well. It was great fun to see them all again and I think they enjoyed meeting our little one also.

After church on Sunday, we visited lots of friends on the way down to my parent's house. We saw Melissa, Darcy & her husband, & Abby for lunch at the Olive Garden. Then we went to my Great Aunt Gen's house in Seattle. We then went to see our friends Marc and Katie in Renton. Following that, we went and had dinner with Mara & Jeff in Bonney Lake. We ended our journey that day in Eatonville at my parent's house. It was a long day and all three of us were very tired.

On Monday, we went to Olympia to visit with our old friends from the Young Careers group (where David and I met). There we saw Brett, Katie, Charlie & Janice (who incidentally got engaged THAT day), Gina (my old roomie), and Betsy, Becky & Mari (teacher's from my old school). We also visited my old school before dinner that evening and I saw some of the kids all grown up that I used to teach.

On Tuesday, we went with my parents to the Puyallup fair. It was a nice day for it and we looked at all the craft exhibits and mainly just did a lot of visiting and fellowshipping with my parents.

It was Wednesday morning that we left back for home and we made it just in time for me to teach some lessons at 3:30. It was a long journey and both Josiah and I ended up getting sick for a week afterward. Lucikly, it was nothing too serious and we are better now.

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