Thursday, January 18, 2007

Baby Update

For all you fans of the blog, I am sorry I have been so lax, but I will try to keep it updated again weekly as I did before. I guess it is good to know people enjoy it, since they bug me when there is nothing new. Heh heh!

So Josiah has been growing in leaps and bounds these days. He has lots of new words that he uses regularly such as: car, uh-oh, pretty, hi, what’s that?, and signs the words milk and more. He does more things of course, but I can never remember them all. I just recently started putting bubbles into bath time, which he thoroughly enjoys. This picture was one of the first days I put the bubbles in and he was having a blast. I was giving him bubble beards and he was trying to eat them too and then spitting out the bubbles afterward. He does this funny thing now where I will say, “Josiah, show me how you swim,” and he lays on his belly propping his head up in the bath and kicks his feet. And he also likes to take the captain (the little people dude from his boat) and hide him in the top of the boat and I say, "Where is the Captain?" and he opens the hatch and he floats out. Sometimes he escapes before Josiah is ready and Josiah lets out a frustrated "AHHH" for that.

We have had quite a bout of weather here recently, and so Josiah and I have been bundling up every time we leave the house. We had quite a few inches of snow and then it stayed cold and kept freezing every night and so we had lots of ice as well. The schools were closed quite often and it appears many of them will be going on well into July if this keeps up! Unfortunately, I didn’t get Josiah out for snow pictures because he was sick all through that time and so was I and thought it best not to get him out in the cold just to get some cute pictures.

Last Sunday, I made a big batch of black bean soup and so was in the kitchen chopping, chopping, and chopping vegetables. Josiah wanted to get in on the fun and kept trying to get me to pick him up and let him stir the soup or look at what I was doing. So finally I set up a mini-kitchen area in the living room by the TV and gave him two bowls with a spatula and some cheerios in the bowls to move back and forth and stir. I of course had to come a pick up the cheerios off the floor no less than 4 times, but he was having fun and it occupied him for a time.

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