Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Tribute to a Friend

During my piano and flute lessons, I have a babysitter come and watch Josiah (so as to minimize distractions and keep him occupied). We were referred to Elizabeth who has been Josiah’s sitter for quite a few months now. She told us in November though that she and her family were moving to be closer to her Dad. He had a job on the east coast for a while and was seeing if he liked it before moving the whole family out. They were sad to move since they have a lot of family in this area, but it will be nice for them to be reunited with their Dad. Before they left, Josiah and I went over to her house to get a picture of them together and to chat a bit as well. I met her Mom and got to know her a bit also. Elizabeth comes from a family of 9 kids (she is the 6th) and she is quite a neat young lady. Josiah and I were sad to see Elizabeth go as she has been a great sitter for Josiah and a friend to me. Goodbye Elizabeth! We will miss you!

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Elizabeth said...

I will miss you too! It was so nice to work for you, and I'll enjoy seeing more pics of Josiah!