Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New Toys from Grandparents Carpenter

Josiah just received a big box of toys and things from Grandma and Grandpa Carpenter. It was very popular for him to come home and find all these neat toys to play with. I was picking David up at the train station this day and the traffic was HORRIBLE and and I didn't remember to bring Josiah a snack and so he was very grumpy on the way home. While I fixed him something to eat, he played with his new toys. This was a very nice distraction.

This picture is of Josiah saying, "OW" and hitting his hand with the hammer. That's what hammers say around here anyway because when Josiah whacks me hard with a hammer I say, "OW," and who wouldn' hurts! Anyway, it is pretty funny now because it is almost like he thinks that is what it is called or what it says (like how animals say things).

They got him this toy where you take these little cars and they go down the ramp. He experimented with putting some of the bigger cars onto the track, but discovered it just wasn't the same thing.
They also sent the toy that he had so much fun with when he came to visit them in South Carolina (as Anna Grace has outgrown it). It didn't have the same effect in that he didn't dance back and forth to the tune it played, but he still enjoyed it as well, using the hammer to hit the little shapes and such. Thank you Grandparents Carpenter for all the nice toys! They were and still are very popular!

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