Saturday, November 01, 2008

Learning to Stand

Our little boys just LOVE to stand now! They can't stand for long, but Daniel especially just tries and tries and tries to pull up whenever he gets near this table or something else that would support his efforts. A funny tidbit about Caleb was that the other day there was a bottle that he already drank that was in the side pocket of his bag and he crawled over to it and pulled it out and started to try and drink it. It was of course empty, but that was apparently my not so subtle hint that I needed to make him a bottle! I took Daniel to the doctor recently since he has had a cold for over a month now. The doctor FINALLY gave him some antibiotics for what I am sure was a sinus infection. Hopefully soon, he will get over the runny nose and congestion problems! I am not sure if Caleb has the same thing or not, but his appetite seems to be a bit low and some other things that make me think he may have one also, but for now we will assume he is OK and will get over it on his own. He doesn't have the runny nose issues like Daniel, so perhaps he doesn't have the same thing.

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Lynne' said...

Oh! I need one of those toys for Renna! She's so into pulling herself up on everything now too. I'm a little glad she isn't doing it as early as Lily did, but it's always really fun to see them learn new stuff. :)