Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving & Momentous Moments

This was the first Thanksgiving that Josiah was old enough to hear the story of the first Thanksgiving. I got some books from the library and told him the gist of it. We celebrated it this year with my brother Brent and his wife Katie. My parents were in Eastern Washington with other relatives this year. Josiah tried the turkey and even ate some of the sweet potatoe dish that David made, though suspiciously all of the marshmallows were eaten first and much of the orange goop was left behind. He also ate the mashed potatoes, which happen to be a favorite fare of his from way back anyway. Later on, we all played games, which was a lot of fun. My brother is convinced that if you "talk to the dice" that they roll what you want. I think the bouncers down in Vegas would like to check his dice, eh? Needless to say though, we had a great time! Josiah even played "Candyland" with Uncle Brent and Aunt Katie too!
A quick update on Josiah: He has been getting SO much better with his behaviors of late. We have been diligently plugging away with the tried and true methods, and he is understanding more as well and we are finding he is FINALLY adjusting to the change of having two brothers a bit better. It only took a whole year....sheesh! Of course, I will say that and then have a difficult time of it tomorrow, right? Well, difficult or not, I am proud of how far he has come and am thankful that he has been making better choices here at home and out in public. It has been quite a ride thorugh it all though as the parents and David and I have learned a lot. One thing is for sure, your kids can sure bring you to your knees awfully fast when things are going rough! We have also learned not to judge other families with harder to manage children as we know how hard it has been to manage ours. Thank you God for insight!

Daniel literally went from not crawling at all to now a few days later, crawling everywhere and even sitting up from a laying on his stomach position! I am so proud of him and so glad that he caught up so quickly. It goes to show that each child has his/her own time table for things and you just have to be patient. He loves to pull up on things too, but still he is much less risky than his brother Caleb. This little dude has 4 upper teeth and 3 lower and he is showing them off for you here. And as usual, Daniel is hamming it up for the camera! Our little guys have graduated to toddler seats now in the car and Grandma bought them some nice ones for their upcoming birthday. They JUST BARELY all fit in the back of our SUV. Yikes! It was a tight, tight fit, but I managed it. Three toddler seats one after the other back there; quite a bunch!

Yes, our Caleb boy is fearless, which means Mommy never sleeps when he is out and about! David said he left the living room area for a minute to get something in his room today (I was at church with Josiah) and he came back out and Caleb had crawled all the way down the hall to Josiah's room and was batting things about in there. This is a shot of his, "I didn't do it" face. He is pretty good at that already, don't you think? You can see his two front teeth on the bottom if you look close and he has 4 teeth on top (one left to break through) as well. It is so fun to see how mobile these little guys are becoming! It is also funny to watch the twins interact. When I am nursing Daniel, I have Caleb in his carseat on the couch next to me while he drinks his bottle. Daniel usually finishes early and I burp him and put him on the floor to play. No sooner do I do that and Caleb is trying to roll out of his seat (with his bottle only half finished) to go play too. They holler for each other too if one is taken away to be changed or whatnot. I always thought it would be neat to watch twins grow up together and in having my wish, I am very thankful as it is so fun and such a blessing to enjoy!

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