Monday, November 24, 2008

Outing to Melissa's House

We have been going over to my friend Melissa's house quite a bit these days, as she just moved and I was helping her get organized a bit and unpack. This day however, she wanted us to come over and see how she had finished unpacking the front room. At one point, we did some crafts and then she sat down to read the kids a story about Thanksgiving.

This is a cute shot of Josiah holding Daniel boy. And a little side note on Daniel, yesterday I saw him crawl for the first time! We have determined that our little Daniel boy doesn't like to "work" at things. He would prefer to be carried or given the toys rather than crawl to them. He was moaning and groaning the whole time while he was army crawling to the toys I placed out of his reach, and then when he got there and I said, "Good job," he got this nervous little happy laugh. I am thankful he finally got motivate enough to crawl! Yeah! He has always had really great fine motor skills though, he loves to turn pages in books, press buttons, move things back and forth, clap, tap toys together, etc. However, his large motor skills have been lacking a little, but this catches him up some!

Daniel was attempting to pull up on Isaac and little Katie in the background also has a fun expression as well.

Here miraculously, I got all three babies looking at once! :)

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