Friday, October 30, 2009

Sick Week and Twins in Toddler Beds

Due to the fact that I had to cancel lessons this whole week because our family was sick, we thought it would be a good time to try and move the twins from cribs to toddler beds, since we had that extra time to work with them. The getting them to nap part has been a REAL challenge, but we have won the battle...albeit a long, hard one each day in that they have slept a little for their naps. I have had to be REALLY creative at babyproofing their room as well and many of my plans have backfired. I run a fan in their room at night as well as a radiant heater and also have a monitor plugged in, and so I had to find a way to have these all running and not provide a hazard for them. My solution was to put the fan in the non-converted crib and plug the heater (this sits in the corner behind all the heavy stuff) and monitor into the surge protector that also stays in the crib. I thought I was pretty clever here, but they figured out how to move the crib and unplug the surge protector, so I had to move on to plan B. I then put the heavy dresser in front of the crib to block them from moving it and though that distracted them from the plug, they then discovered they could move the dresser around and pull all their clothes out....ugh! So then I put two bins of heavy books on one side, so they couldn't push the dresser out anymore. This created a stairstep for them to climb onto the dresser and then into the old crib with all the cords and stuff. Sheesh! These kiddos are making me work! So then I got even more crafty and took the crib side from the converted crib that we pulled off and tied it to the top of the non-converted crib with lots of rope. This created a make-shift roof to block them from getting in the crib. This worked, however, this morning we found both of them in quite an interesting state. Apparently, this roof served as a baby trap as they had climbed up the stair steps again and decided to venture out onto the crib side roof and both of them got their legs stuck in the crib slats. Ahhhhh!!! So David's solution for tomorrow was to put another bin on the stack to make it so they couldn't climb the bins any longer. We will see if this works. The good news is that at night, we don't have near the problems and they do sleep in their beds at night as pictured above (Daniel) and below (Caleb).
Daddy has been here this week (as he had to stay home due to his company's policy since the family was sick), so he has been helping transition the boys to taking their naps in their "new to them" toddler beds. After a few times of showing them where they need to be and correcting their behaviors away from climbing and running around the room, they eventually settle down and sleep (though it sometimes takes an hour and half). Caleb usually only sleeps for an hour or so, and Daniel sleeps longer if Caleb doesn't wake him up at some point.

As for our sickie week, it was quite a doozie. On Monday, Caleb had a fever and wasn't eating well and based on not having my babysitters available (as their mom didn't want them here for a few days) I had to cancel all week not really knowing what the week would hold. As it turned out though, it was for the best as we really needed the time to get better as a family. On Tuesday, Caleb seemed much better and Daniel and Josiah were fine too until the afternoon when they started throwing up. After many loads of laundry and lots of comfort given, they were done being sick, though were very weakened. On Wednesday, everyone was rather grumpy, but didn't have any visible symptoms. On Thursday, I thought we were well and night I started throwing up....yuck. On Friday, David took an official sick day (rather than working from home like he does quite often) and took over my duties as I was wiped out this morning from being up all night with a sick tummy. I have been taking it easy today and I think I am OK. Hopefully, David won't get this bug as it is no fun! The picture above was the first day that Caleb was sick and Josiah was laying with him there giving him some comfort. So sweet!

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lizcraciun said...

What a time of things you've had. I'm so sorry you were dealing with such a nasty bug. No fun. Sounds like you had quite the ordeal with the beds, too! Evan transitioned so quickly and easily, but Ian still has trouble staying in bed when he should. I can't imagine trying to wrangle two at once, though I know we'll be there before we know it!