Saturday, October 10, 2009

Visit from Grandpa & Grandma Carpenter

We were very blessed to have David's parents come visit our family for a short stay this last week. They came for about three days to our place, then took a trip to the beach, and then came back for another day and half. When they first arrived, Daniel ran to Grandpa like he was a regular visitor and wanted Grandpa to hold him. It was very sweet! Caleb kept running back and forth to make Grandma laugh and all three boys put on a dancing show for them when David turned on some music. You can see Caleb doing his typical hopping on one foot and clapping dance. The grandparents got a big kick out of their dancing routine.
Grandma and Grandpa brought some gifts for the kiddos, one of which was this "Cars" look and find book that Josiah really loved right away!

Grandpa got in on the reading act too many a time, and here Daniel and Josiah are enjoying a book about Diggers.

Here is Josiah when he first got his new "Cars" book. He is quite pleased as you can see!

Daniel & Caleb got some little toys too. A little tigger key chain and a book that you can put pictures in of family members. We will fill it with some of the photos from this visit at some point I am sure! After the trip to the beach, Grandma came back with lots more loot for the little ones including many more books and Veggie Tales videos as well as a cute little sleeper for the new little girl on the way.

Grandpa did many fun boy activities with the little guys and here he is in the fort they made by hanging a blanket over two chairs. They all loved the fort and even more so because Grandpa was in it with them! Grandpa also played Legos, tickled, and tossed the boys around much to their delight!

Grandma was especially helpful to me during the stay and she did a lot of reading books with the boys and patting little heads, as well as teaching life lessons and helping keep peace between the brothers (though that task admittedly is rather daunting at times). Caleb had just woken up from a nap here and stayed in this position letting Grandpa pat his head for a long time! Josiah wanted in on the fun too and sat next to her.

Grandpa got the three boys on the floor for a tickle fest and as you can see Caleb is already trying to get away.

Josiah informed me that this was his racecar and he was wearing his helmet for safety! I had to throw this one in here as it was just too cute.

One of the last days the grandparents were here, all the big boys went out to wash the cars. Josiah loved helping out as you can see!

Here he is again helping Grandpa Carpenter wash the back of the SUV. We were very thankful that they took the time to come out and the kiddos certainly cherished spending lots of quality time with them as well! We heard today that they made it home safe, though are quite exhausted from traveling. We plan to set up a way to talk to them over the computer via a video feed, so that the boys can see them from time to time more often. Overall, it was so neat how immediately the boys took to their Grandpa & Grandma Carpenter! We hope to see them again as soon as it is possible!

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Lane said...

Wow! It's obvious that a visit from the grandparents really pegs the "joy meter" for your boys.

I'm also very excited to hear that a girl will join the clan soon. She'll be the best protected sister in the neighborhood I imagine!