Saturday, October 10, 2009

We are going to have a GIRL!!

As promised, I managed to scan in the ultrasounds of our baby girl from 13 weeks (above) and from 20 weeks (below). The above shot is one of the 3-D images she gave us and though it is still a bit hazy, it gives much more detail than the traditional ultrasound that you see below. She tried to get a good face shot of her at the 20 week appointment in the 3-D, but baby girlie kept burrowing her head into the placenta and the tech couldn't get a clear shot. The ultrasound tech DID however, get a very clear picture to prove she was a girl! She said to us when she had the still picture up, "Do you see any parts you recognize?" To which I answered, " it a girl?" And she said that she is 99.9999% sure it was a girl and wrote "very, very girlie!!!!!!!" on the ultrasound picture. For the sake of our daughter though, I will not post that photo here. She will thank me later I am sure! I told the tech when I was walking into get the ultrasound that I was imagining the baby to be a boy, so that I wouldn't be disappointed, but that if it was a girl I might give a little yelp. After she told me, I teared up a bit and she handed me a tissue. David's eyes glistened also and I could tell he was very moved. Daddy will have a little princess now!

The ultrasound tech also loves to write messages to our family on the picture and gave us enough copies for the little ones to have one of their own to keep. I haven't given them out yet though as the babies really don't understand and would likely tear them up first thing. This picture is of course a nice profile of our little darling. And as you can see her face is in the placenta (top blob in the photo) and there is a nice shot of her spine here as well. All the measurements, heartbeat and stuff that the tech checks at the 20 week visit were all normal. Her heartbeat was 145bpm. I can't remember how fast the boys were, but I think the twins were faster as I recall. We will get another ultrasound done I think at around 36 weeks, so we may get a better chance at getting a face shot at that time. The tech also told us that for now baby girl is head down, but that "it is like a jacuzzi in there now," so this position could change at any time. She was moving a lot as we watched her on the screen and I have been noticing more and more movements as the weeks progress. As previously mentioned, this pregnancy has been much easier on me than the twins and it compares more to Josiah's pregnancy, yet there have been many differences as well. I am VERY thankful for a normal-ish go of it this time though as the twin pregnancy was rough!

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The Morrissey Family said...

Yahoo a girl, you are going to love shopping for pink! That 3D image is Amazing- so detailed!