Saturday, October 09, 2010

Fun Fall Pictures

Caleb is most definitely our clown of the Carpenter crew. I just love, love, LOVE his expressions! He is always making me laugh with his antics of late!

He thought he was pretty funny making himself a leaf hat in this one! Caleb is most definitely also our outdoorsmen. He will sometimes request to be outside and will sit out there in the back yard by himself just playing with leaves or walking around the yard. Daniel and Josiah just don't really do that. I have the feeling Caleb will be our avid hiker for years to come of the bunch! After the recent day of hiking, Daddy was praying with Caleb and he thanked God for the "ribers (rivers), ribbits (frogs), hiking, and BIG mountains." Of all the boys, he gets the most giddy about being in the mountains!

At the park we went to in Ashford last weekend, I found him in this state saying, "Want down, Momma!" Thankfully, I had the camera on and ready and so took a shot before helping him get down. He just has no fear sometimes!

He is having a fun time in the little rocking dinosaur here giving another great expression.

I wish the shadows weren't covering Daniel's beautiful blues, but this is such a classic Daniel shot and he is so happy in this photo! Something funny he is doing lately is he will turn on the lights (at any time of day) and say to me, "It's Good Morning, Momma!" He has also taken to saying, "bother" when he is frustrated (compliments of me)! He can say the Pledge of Allegiance now (albeit a bit mumbled/mispronounced) without us helping and he loves to sing various songs as well such as Jesus Loves Me, the ABC's (an old favorite), Twinkle, Twinkle and a few others.

Daniel also enjoyed riding on the rocking dinosaur as well. Daniel is hilarious on the trails, after a while he huffs and puffs very dramatically as if it is SUCH WORK to be hiking. I am sure he would rather play his Leapster in the car, but we are encouraging him to get out and exercise a bit! He does enjoy exploring for sure, but any time there is much of a challenge or risk involved he opts out.

Josiah was all over the playground and it was hard to catch him motionless at any time! We also went on a little hike around the area (a paved trail most of the time) and had a nice time together collecting leaves, flowers, and other plant life. Josiah found a friend at the playground (much to his delight) and they had fun climbing up the grass mountain behind the play area and exploring the back sides of the grass mountain. It took some coaxing to get Daniel to go up the grass mountain, he kept saying, "I just can't do it, I just can't do it!" However, when he saw a well-beaten path, he went up easily and then said at the top, "I did it!" Caleb went off the beaten path pushing his way through grasses and such to climb, he didn't need a path whatsoever! One time though Caleb fell on one side of the grass mountain and Josiah came to his aid. It was very sweet.

This picture of Naomi isn't ALL that much different from others I have posted, but this was proof she came with us to the playground and hike. I do like the lighting on this photo though, it turned out really clear and bright.

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Jee said...

The kids are so cute and I can't believe how much they've grown. Before I return to work, I'll have to drop by to see you and the kids. haven't seen Timothy!