Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Beautiful Naomi Girl!!

I took these of sweet little baby girl the other day prior to going to church. She is just so stinking cute! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE having a little girl in the house. I feel like I have a little tiny advocate even now!! :) This Mommy is no longer the lone estrogen producer in the family and it is fun to think of the future Mommy and daughter things we can do together! I do love my boys too of course, but this has just been such a FUN experience having a girl!

Did I mention she is like the easiest baby ever? She is so even-keeled and goes with the flow! She does get upset from time to time, but it is super easy to know why, and when you take care of her she is back to her smiley, happy little self! Her name means "pleasant" or "beautiful" and I think she typifies them both!

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