Friday, September 10, 2010

Puyallup Fair

This year Josiah entered the Lego Creation contest at the fair again. Last year he got a "Craftsmanship" ribbon, but this year he will just receive a participation ribbon only. I think he was a little disappointed as pictured above, but it is good for him to learn to be a good sport! I was amazed that he got a ribbon last year as he literally just put his creation together rather quickly, and this year we spent more time working on different projects until he came up with this one.

He called it a "Car Shooter." If you look closely you can see the reflection of it in the mirrored glass and also Josiah's reflection pointing at his creation. It was quite an adventure to even get to the fair this year! We left at 10am and didn't actually enter the fair until a little before noon as the traffic was totally backed up due to the road closure for the parade to kick off the fair and because lots of people were trying to get in free between 10am and noon that day. I heard later there were over 75,000 people there on the first wonder! Anyway, we walked quite a distance from our car because we got tired of getting stuck on all the side streets. We had the twins in the double stroller and Naomi in the single stroller, so we were quite a sight.

Josiah and Daniel are grinding grain here together at the Pioneer Village display.

Caleb and Daniel are "churning butter" or some such thing here. The lady allowed them to bring it onto the ground so that Caleb could turn the handle easier.

They had kids fire jackets at the fire station booth and Josiah was very pleased to be able to try one on. Daniel kept taking his stick-on tattoo that they gave him and repeatedly tried to stick it on the board with all the fire station badges on the wall.

We didn't stay at the fair too long because David had to get back to work (he was working a bit from home the day we went) and I needed to find a place to feed Naomi, so we walked back toward our car and stopped at Pioneer Park and let the kids run off some energy. On the way to park, Josiah (who walked a long ways from our parked car to the fair and then around the fair and back with us) said, "I am REALLY tired of walking....but I have some running left!" It was a good thing 'cause he wanted to do some running on the playground. David went and retrieved our car and brought it over to the park so we didn't all have to walk the entire way back.

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