Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Many Faces of Caleb & Daniel

Today I FINALLY took them for their two-year-old check-up at the pediatrician. Now granted, they did go to the developmental clinic, so I wasn't COMPLETELY lax in getting them in to be seen. They needed their shots though, so I bit the bullet and brought them in to get it done! I posted so many pictures this time because I was laughing at all of them. I was telling them to make certain faces in each one. Here are their happy faces!

This was the "grumpy face" and as you can see Caleb is the real ham in all the pictures (pretty much how he is in real life all the time!) Caleb is also our lightweight coming in at 30 pounds even (40th percentile). He is 36 inches tall (25th percentile) and he has a big head at 20 inches (75th percentile). He had a little cold today and because his throat was red, she checked for strep, but thankfully he did NOT have it!! Yeah!

These were their sad faces. Daniel's faces don't change TOO much, but you can see the extreme Caleb faces in each one. He just cracks me up! Daniel is our chunk of change and he weighed in at 34 pounds 8 ounces (80th percentile)! He is 39 1/2 inches tall (95th percentile!!!) and he has a HUGE head at 20 1/2 inches (over 95th percentile!) Can we say Charlie Brown head? Well, not quite, but it is big!

Now the twins are SURPRISED!! The doctor was pleased to hear Caleb speak a four word sentence while he was there ( "I did it Momma" ) and he also dressed himself while she was looking at Daniel and she was impressed to see he could do that. Daniel was a great patient too while she looked to see if there were any "monkeys" in his ears and he willingly opened his mouth to say, "Ahhhhh." Caleb wouldn't cooperate for that part, but that could be because his throat was sore.

Here are their SILLY faces! I was SO SO GLAD they got us in and out quickly as they managed to climb all over the waiting room chairs (the receptionist asked D to sit down while I was paying the co-pay) and throw all the magazines on the floor (Caleb's handiwork) even before we got in the room! Then they proceeded to explore most every nook and cranny of the tiny room to try and find more things to destroy. I had enough books and things to distract them with to keep them out of trouble for the most part, but they were ready to go towards the end for sure! They of course did not like their shots, but the crying was quick and they soon forgot it happened. They are quite the pair these two! I have found that when I have one of them at a time, it seems to be manageble to do normal 2-year-old types of activities (baking cookies, messier art projects, etc) with them, however, when they are both trying to do them with me it is really tough to keep the peace and keep the "activity" in tact! Usually while I am engaging one of them, the other one is destroying his project or throwing the materials on the floor. You know....GREAT fun boy mischief! *Sigh* We LOVE our little boys! They are so unique and fun and I pray I can meet the challenge to raise them up right!

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