Friday, March 23, 2012

Awana Grand Prix

This was the first year that Josiah participated in an Awana Grand Prix because our previous Awana group did not do this as a yearly event.  Consequently, we were completely in the dark as to how to proceed and not having any real tools to speak of at home, we decided to keeep the design very simple.  A man in our church who does a lot of woodwork accepted my request for help and he is the one who cut and sanded the initial design with his tools.  Josiah helped to sand it further at home with some sandpaper and then I helped him paint it and put on the wheels.  We also added some quarters to the bottom of it for weight, hence the cars name, "Lightning McQuarter."  
Josiah's car dubbed "Lightning McQuarter."
Then when we arrived, we discovered that despite the 4 quarters glued to the bottom, it still did not weigh enough and needed some more weight.  They had glue, weights, and a drill there to help people out to get it to weigh as much as it could (and not over), so Daddy set to work to glue on some weights.  The twins were very interested in this as you can see!
Daddy working to add weight to the car.

I didn't include a long shot of the track, but it went quite a ways down and here was the starting point and you can see Josiah's car second in from the front.  His car was not the fastest, but it was not the slowest either.  Some cars didn't even cross the finish line!  They had awards for best design and also for the fastest and sadly, Josiah's car didn't win either of those type of awards.
Lightning McQuarter getting ready to race!

We had a lot of time to kill before the races as we came early to weigh the car and make sure it was up to par and so Daddy had fun playing with the kiddos beforehand.  They were running over to him in the chair giving him "running fives" and sitting in his lap often and lots of hugs and kisses were given. 
Daniel having fun with Daddy!

Miss Naomi would not be outdone with Daddy fun either and claimed her spot on Daddy's lap many a time also!
Naomi waving at Mommy.

Caleb is our cuddlebug and of course he didn't like to relinquish his spot with Daddy either, but would get up occasionally to dance or give "running fives" to Daddy. 
Caleb & Daddy cuddling.

Josiah was busy trying to avoid getting his picture taken, but he was foiled again by Mommy!  Mommy is a sneaky stealth photographer and will get him everytime!
Josiah trying to run away from the camera.

As per usual, a picture with all four kiddos isn't easy to get, but this is a close as it comes folks!
Mommy with her kiddos.

Josiah was very disappointed that he didn't get a trophy and all the way home he cried and was feeling sorry for himself.  I felt like a horrible mother for not going all "overachiever" on this like I wanted to originally, but David informed me that it was a good lesson for him and that it would be fine.  Josiah dubbed the day though his "worst day ever" and so that was hard.  We are hoping that Grandpa Carpenter can help him with next year's car design as we found out that Josiah's cousin, Anna Grace took first at her Awana Grand Prix.  As predicted though, as the days passed, Josiah forgot about his defeat and all was right with the world again. 
Josiah showing his participation ribbon.

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