Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mobius Fun in March

Now that we have a year long membership to the Mobius Childen's Museum here in Spokane, we have been going quite frequently.  It is especially nice to go there on rainy days or days where we just need something different.  The kids always enjoy going to play there and many times will meet some new friends or will discover some new way to play there.  As always, I get some cute pictures of them as well!

Caleb having fun fishing.
Daniel was playing at the water table and I caught this funny moment of him with some goggles on.  I can tell he is in his element when we go here as he just has so much fun exploring all the various stations.
Daniel's funny face!
Josiah found a buddy on this trip, or should I say that the buddy found him.  This little girl was playing with Josiah and he was doing his usual running from one place to another completely oblivious that this little girl was expectantly looking at him to play with her wherever they went.  I noticed her hesitancy and got Josiah to introduce himself to her and her to him and then they were buddies ever since that moment.  She was a sweet little girl and they had lots of fun playing together I think. 
Josiah playing with a new friend, Hailey.

Naomi had a blast there as always too and here she is in the store with her chef's apron on apparently preparing to sample the food!  She loves to stick her little tongue out when she is happy!

Naomi the chef!
Caleb loves to be noticed when he is doing something fun and here is his winning smile!  These bikes have videos in front to simulate as if they are riding on the street.  
Caleb riding the bike.
Daniel is looking through the microscope to look at little samples of various things here.  He comes back to do this activity quite frequently as he roams the museum I have found. 
Daniel the scientist.
Josiah never fails to set up a campsite somewhere in the museum and today he did not disappoint!  Can you tell that he likes to camp?  It is a good thing 'cause he will be doing a lot of camping with Daddy in the coming years I predict!

Josiah making a campsite.

This picture of Naomi with her hands in her pockets was just too cute to not include.  She just recently discovered she has pockets and can put her hands (or other little things as well) in them.  Overall on this Mobius trip, the kids had a lot of fun and of course I had to peal them away from the fun at the end, but I remind them that we will come back soon...and we do!
Naomi with her hands in her pockets.

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