Thursday, March 01, 2012


Josiah tested for his blue belt today and passed! He is holding his broken board, but apparently he is holding it together to "trick" Mommy into thinking he didn't pass. It took him 3 times to break the board, but he did it! He was the only green belt going for a blue belt and so had to do his Poomsee by himself. After he completed it, Master Justin said, "And THAT is why I call this boy, Jo-Sizzle!!" Josiah and I talked about making sure that he did an exceptional job, so that Master Justin would say just that, so he was very proud. When Josiah doesn't do his best, Master Justin calls him Jo-Ice Cube. It is pretty funny! Here is a link to Josiah doing part of his Sa Bun Chuck (phonetic spelling) and reciting the 3 ancient kingdoms of Korea.

Here Josiah is showing his wart (which is almost ready to fall off now after he had it frozen a few weeks ago at the doctor) to his friend Reed and Cole. I just love this picture of the three of them. Reed and Cole were testing for their orange belts and passed also, so it was a great day for the three of them! Josiah will be awarded his new belt on Saturday, March 10th and then will be working toward his high blue belt in his upcoming classes. We are very proud of our Jo-Sizzle!

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