Saturday, February 25, 2012

Naomi's 2nd B-day--Part 1

For Naomi's 2nd birthday, Grandma and Grandpa Walker made their way to our house for the weekend to celebrate. Grandma brought this cute little birthday outfit for her to wear and the birthday sunglasses also.

When she first tried on the pretty tu-tu, she kept playing with it and also picking at the cupcake on her shirt. It took her a while to warm up to her new duds, but eventually she did and was strutting around like a princess in them.

Her presents were a sea of pink as you can see and she had a blast with her new toys. She got an Angelina Ballerina doll and for the doll she got a stroller, high chair, and a little play pen. She put Angelina to bed at least 20 times in the first 10 minutes of having her new toys.

Grandma is enjoying her time with her grandkids here. It was fun to have both Grandma and Grandpa here to join in the birthday celebration! You can also see Naomi's pretty new shoes here as well.

Caleb was not intimidated by the sea of pink one bit and had to try on everything (including the baby front back) and play with all the toys as well.

Daniel, not to be outdone, also had to try on the sunglasses and play with all the toys too. However, he was also very preoccupied with the new Leapster game that Grandma and Grandpa brought for him!

Naomi had to be prompted to blow out the candle and the twins had to be restrained from blowing it out, but she did get to blow her own candle thankfully! More about the cake on the next post!

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