Friday, February 17, 2012

Fun Times With Daddy

David has found some really neat hiking spots around the area here and he and Josiah have been exploring them when the weather has been cooperative. They have gone out in rain and snow though thus far, so not much will stop them really! Josiah loves hiking with Daddy though and on this trip, he got a new hiking vest, a backpack, and some hiking boots as well!

Naomi was wearing this tu-tu and Daddy came up to her and said, "Can I have your tu-tu?" She said, "No, NO, Daddy....MY tu-tu!" It was too cute and as David said later, "I guess you can't mess with a girl's accessories!"

And though this is a "Fun with Daddy" post, I include this picture because it was the last time I saw the kids for a whole weekend when I went to Yakima for the Washington Music Educator's Association conference. I am working to keep my teaching certificate current, and so went to the conference to earn 30 clock hours towards my 150 clock hours that I have to get before June of 2013. Daddy also took a video of me reading to the children. You can click on this link to watch it.
While I was gone, the kids had a great time with Daddy. One night, he made them all hot chocolate and Caleb is reaching in his cup to scrape out the very last drops of chocolate it seems. Here is a link to them drinking their hot chocolate. Caleb had to blow on his very profusely to cool it down.

According to Daniel, Daddy makes "the best snacks ever!" And he also enjoyed his hot chocolate! And here is a link to a video of more of the Daddy fun that occurred while I was gone!

This picture was taken this last Sunday when Naomi wanted to read with Daddy in the chair before church. For some reason, she has taken to liking this big book from the library called "Computer," which is a non-fiction book with lots of words and some technical looking pictures. I find it ironic that she likes this book, since Daddy is such a computer geek himself (a term he uses of himself I would like to add). At one point, she was sitting on her tummy with the book on the arm of the chair and her feet on Daddy's lap, but I wasn't quick enough to catch that cuteness!

Naomi likes to "help" me in the kitchen and David caught her standing on the dishwasher attempting to unload the glasses and cups on the top shelf.

On the Sunday while I was gone, Daddy had to do Naomi's hair, and this is how nice it looked when he was done. Naomi loves it when Daddy brushes her hair and will sit there for long periods of time to let him. This picture also shows how blue her eyes are as well.

This last picture is of Josiah on another hiking trip with his new walking stick. He had been bugging Daddy to get a walking stick and this one has a little compass built into the top of it also. This day we had a surprise snow storm where the wind was blowing so hard that it was blowing the snow in sideways! I was at yet another music clock hour workshop that day nearby at a local elementary school and got to watch the snow blow in. The power even went down in the school and the generator kicked on during the workshop! Daddy and Josiah didn't hike for too long, but long enough to make some tracks in the snow and make it back before they were too snowed in!

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