Friday, February 03, 2012

Mobius Children's Museum

We finally took a trip to the Mobius Children's Museum in downtown Spokane. My friend Kim and her kiddos (Colton & Kylie) joined us there also and kindly let us have a few of their free passes as well! Thanks Kim! The kids had a glorious time and hit the ground running the minute we arrived! This is a picture of Colton and Josiah's "campsite" that they made outside the hut. They gathered lots of supplies for camping as you can see, so they are ready!

Naomi had a blast climbing up the ladders and going down the slides. I had to monitor her as she did so though because they really were not designed for little ones like her, but she had the tenacity to climb them and slide down many times anyway!

This stationary bike had a video screen in front that made it appear that you were riding the bike on a street. As you can see, Daniel is mesmerized by it and is apparently trying to beat the boy on the bike next to him!

Kim and I posed for a "yes we were there too" portrait as well. We had a good time chasing the kiddos around the museum and miraculously we didn't lose one of them!

Naomi was just crazy about the water table and we had to pry her away from it a few times, so she didn't completely soak herself. The tongue hanging out is a clue that she is very occupied and happy there.

There were so many pictures of Caleb that were cue that it was really hard to choose just a few. He was in heaven with all the costumes to wear and things to do at the museum. Here he is giving his classic Caleb-ee smile that we have all grown to love.

We went to Red Robin for lunch and the kids promptly discovered that there was a TV in the floor that was playing Scooby Doo, and they all gathered around to watch while we waited for our table. At first, Naomi was strapped in her stroller, but she was just dying to get down there too, so I let her out to join the crowd.

Caleb had me in stitches at one point, when at the water table, he decided to test out the safety goggles as swim goggles and put his face down into the water. I did get a picture of his head down, but this one was just as funny with all the water running down his face. Daniel of course had to try this too at one point and I just laughed and laughed at them.

I also discovered later that Daniel left the house wearing my socks when he wanted to put on this cow costume! He was wearing my socks and shoes earlier in the morning to pretend to be "Mommy," but then did not change socks when he got ready to go. It cracked me up that he was wearing my socks and he sure makes a cute cow as well!

Caleb tried on most every costume they had there. I have great pictures of him as a puppy dog, turtle, fireman, construction worker, doctor, etc. However, this one takes the cake of him as an elephant. I asked him to make an elephant face and this is what he did! Can't you just hear an elephant trumpet right now? He is such a ham and loves to dress up.

Josiah is kayaking away here looking very handsome as usual! He had a great time exploring and playing with Colton at the museum. It was a very fun filled day and we were very thankful that Kim let us have her free passes to enjoy the museum with them. We will plan to go back there soon I am sure!

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