Friday, February 03, 2012

Awana Cars 2 Party

After the fun day at the museum, Colton got to stay the night and go to Josiah's Awana party with him on Friday night. It was a drive-in movie night and the kids got to decorate cardboard boxes and sit in them to watch the movie "Cars 2." There was lots of food and Josiah also got to use some of his Sparky points to buy toys as well. I found it pretty funny that the few token boys that came (not many boys in the Sparks group at this church) had the best cars there minus one girl who came with a pretty fancy car. Josiah had his Lightning McQueen pillow and blanket also and another boy that came brought his Mater pillow. The boys had a good time and at home, I bought "Cars 2" also and the twins got to watch at home.

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