Friday, January 20, 2012

1st Grade Boy Madness!

Recently, Josiah attended Cole & Reed's 7th birthday party. Cole and Reed live nearby and are fraternal twins and they also go to our church. Their mom had 24 (yes, you read correctly) 24 first grade boys over to her house for a big Lego Star Wars birthday party! All the kids came home on the bus with Cole and Reed (they are both in different classes at school) and they all piled in with all their snow paraphernalia and backpacks, which got dumped just inside the back door. It was quite a pile of stuff!

I stayed to assist Libby (Cole & Reed's brave Mom) and helped to be a referee amongst the sword fighting and rough boy play. I wished my camera hadn't died, or I would have had more picture to share, but this one sums up the energy and excitement that most certainly was hard to contain at the party!

After arriving, they all promptly found all the swords and sword-like items in the house and began dueling in the living room and then proceeded to the sweets table and loaded up on all sorts of Star Wars treats including chocolate dipped pretzel light sabers (in a stunning red and green), Death Stars (a large Whopper type candy), Star Wars characters cookies, chocolate covered Ewoks (gummy bears), Yoda Soda (sprite), Vader-ade (Root beer) and eventually some decked out cupcakes as well. I was helping with the drinks and would say, "Do you want Yoda Soda or Vader-ade?" and most of them looked at me really puzzled until I said, "Sprite or Root beer?"

It was little boy heaven there for sure! At one point, a group of boys (Josiah in the mix) ran up the stairs counting down from 10 and apparently when they got to zero a bomb went off downstairs! Good thing they got upstairs fast!

Another funny moment was trying to find everyone's boots and stuff to go outside and play in the snow. One little guy was like, "I can't find my snow pants....they are black." I am looking around and I say, "Well most all of the pants are black." Then another kept coming over to tell me he couldn't find his boots. Well it turns out that he didn't wear his boots there at all, so that would explain it! His Dad put on his shoes when he got there and I had to chuckle to myself about that one.

And I did not leave the party without a significant 1st grade boy party war wound! As I said, I was helping with all the snow gear and was trying to put all the gloves in one area, pants in another, etc. and I leaned down to grab a glove and WHAM-O...a little boy seeing his mom or dad stood up right underneath me and his head made contact with my glasses which went right into my upper left eye and eyebrow! I was seeing stars there for a minute and starting crying (ack!) 'cause it hurt so bad. The poor little guy felt bad and through tears I said, "It's OK, it was an accident, I will be fine." Nikki (a college gal that lives there too) got me an ice pack to hold on my eye for a bit and then I was OK. I did have a nasty bruise though afterward!

Anyway, it was a joy to see all the boys having fun and especially seeing Josiah have a blast too! Thanks to Libby for the fun party and for inviting Josiah!

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