Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Clothes from Grandma

Grandma send a whole bunch of new clothes for Miss Naomi and some for the brothers too. You can see here her ruby red slippers that she absolutely LOVES! When I get her dressed, she always looks up at her shoe collection on the dresser and says, "Shooo???" and "Other Shoo???" when we put them on.

One time, I had to put her down in her boots (new at the time) because she DID NOT want to take them off for her nap. Daddy came in there ('cause she wasn't sleeping and making noise) and saw the boots and thought they were causing her to wake up (by catching on the blankets) and so he took them off. Soon afterward, I hear this howling from her room, and not knowing what David did, I went down there and she hollered at me when I came in, "Daddy....BOOO, Daddy.....BOOOO!!" This of course is translated too, "How DARE Daddy take off my precious boots!!" I said, "Did Daddy take your boots off?" And she said in tears, "Yeah!" So I put them back on her and she was quiet afterward and went to sleep. A girl has to have her accessories don't you know!!

Naomi is giving her silly smile face here again. She does this whenever I say, "Smile for the camera!"

Daniel and Caleb just got some shirts this time, but they didn't complain and promptly put them on. Daniel was sporting his whining face here (can't remember why now) and Caleb was oblivious to the whole scene and was making maraca music for us all to enjoy.

I love the fact that they nearly have the same expression here. One might actually think they are twins in this photo!

Daniel decided that in order to smile he needed to say, "Cheesy Robot," and Caleb thought that was a good idea as you can see. Josiah got some new clothes too, but he wouldn't pose for me. I will catch him in them some other time.

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