Friday, January 20, 2012

A Day in the Life

We are really getting into a groove with homeschooling now and Josiah is doing really wonderfully! He is in 2nd grade math (around lesson 46--160 lessons to complete) and he is finishing up 1st grade in the other subjects (should be done in March sometime I think) and I have seen lots of progress in both his academic work and his behavior. We still have some battles about school here and there, but for the most part, it is smooth sailing now (of which I am VERY thankful!) He is making a card here for his friends' birthday party. He wanted to sign his name in cursive and you can see he is working hard here by the drawn mouth.

Daniel is being a tattle tale here to tell me that Caleb is feeding a cracker to his panda bear (a fact that I was well aware of). You can see his workbook in the background. He is just DYING to start school and begs me to do his workbook most every day! I got him this BrainQuest Kindergarten book and he is just whipping through it. He can write almost all his letters (without me really officially teaching them) and numbers and takes such delight in doing the pages. I am working with him though on finishing what he begins, as sometimes he will start a page and want to just move on if he doesn't want to do it. I have been insisting that he finishes before he goes on as I want him to get in the habit of doing this. I know it will pay off later!

And here is the proof that Caleb was indeed feeding a cracker to his panda bear, as he wanted to be like Miss Naomi who was feeding her dolly. Caleb also is doing a BrainQuest workbook, but I got him the Pre-K one as he isn't quite as interested in academic stuff right now. I am not pushing him to do the pages, but let him choose which page he wants to do. I also insist though that he finishes the pages he chooses though and help him when he is struggling, but he too is also doing very well with his workbook. I have seen a growing interest in him to want to do his workbook and that was the idea with this, to work on his attention span and help him see how fun it can be. I did the same thing with Josiah at first and I found it was very helpful in getting him ready for Kindergarten. There is a certificate in the back of the book and stickers and when they complete a chapter, they get to put a sicker on the certificate. Caleb has completed 3 chapters already!

I came into the kitchen to find that Naomi's dolly was having a soup feast! She also wanted some tomato sauce apparently too! I had to laugh and then seeing the food reminded me it was snack time, and so put Naomi in her chair and let her have her snack with dolly.

Naomi's first idea was to force feed little dolly, but dolly didn't like that too much and so Naomi had to find other ways to get dolly to eat.

Dolly got a nose-ful of cracker too before Naomi finally decided that perhaps the mouth was the best place for a cracker. She was so funny though and I just laughed and laughed watching her play and eat. While we do school, Naomi usually sits in my lap and colors all over the lesson manuals. I am sure she feels important that she is "doing school" too. Thankfully, she doesn't disrupt the learning too much and just is content to play with the crayons and scribble.

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