Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow Storm #2

We had been hearing from our western Washington friends for some time about the "snow-pacolypse" as it was called that they were having over there and finally we got to see some of that snow also. It snowed pretty much all day from morning until evening on the 19th, but on the 18th (as you can see) we also got quite a lot then as well. Naomi was more excited the 2nd time to be out in the snow and I am quite sure she was very warm and dry, so I am sure that had something to do with it!

Daniel is making a funny face here. I had to stand underneath the deck so that the snow didn't fall on the camera too much. I also took some video of them pulling each other in the sled, but haven't uploaded that yet (but will likely do so on our youtube site soon).

Caleb was "pleased as punch" to be out in the snow and his big grin shows it!

Josiah was trying to throw snow at me in this picture, but the snow was so powdery, it was a failed attempt! We tried to make a snowman too, but it was just not wet enough to make anything. We got the sleds out though and I pulled them around in them for a bit. Josiah also pulled Naomi around a little bit and as the snow piled into the front of the sled, she would brush it out just as quickly. She really enjoyed riding around in the snow though and when she sees it outside she says, "No??? No??" We try to tell her it is "ssss---now," but she won't say the "s" with it just yet. Josiah also thought it was fun to make "backwards snow angels." This is where you lay on your tummy and do a snow angel. He remarked, "This snow angel will have no head."

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