Friday, September 08, 2006

Baby Visits Daddy's Work

Today we went to visit Daddy at work and our first stop was to meet his "foreign exchange sister, " Jee, (her quote). Josiah went around adjusting all the name tags on the cubicles and tried to rearrange some paper as well. Jee got a big kick out of Josiah's funny stutter laugh that he did when he was visiting some more of Daddy's co-workers upstairs.

Our next stop was to visit Jeff & Kathryn, the people that work right near Daddy everyday. Josiah took the liberty of inspecting their work areas as well.

Then we went to visit Corrine and attempted to reorganize her folders and such. When we went to see Valerie, she gave Josiah two matchbox cars, which was VERY popular! Valerie decided she was the winner for being the best baby entertainer! However, Stuart also gave Josiah a car as well, so he took a close second. :) Right across from Valerie, we chatted with Sylvia. Sylvia attempted to one up Vivian by offering a ball as a toy to play with, but Josiah had a death grip on the cars and told us by his actions that cars are more interesting than balls. Then we went over and saw Sandra. Sandra has a 17-month old and was happy to see another baby at work. She loved his blonde hair and blue eyes and gave him big hugs.

Lastly, we visited with Steve. Steve was popular because he gave Josiah a ride on his desk. He has this desk that can adjust from a sitting position to a standing position and so put Josiah on the desk and made it go up. Josiah had the funniest look on his face as he ascended (as you can see in the picture).

And for those of you who are very astute, you may notice a nice bruiser on his cheek. That is a boy war wound that came from when he fell on the leg of the piano. He was trying to get to me as I was teaching piano and missed. Whoops!!

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Jee said...

Thanks so much for bringing Josiah into work that day. I loved his laugh and he is just too cute! It was great seeing you both -- can't wait for the next visit!