Friday, September 15, 2006

Reorganizing the Pantry

I went to the gym to workout a little earlier than usual today for logistical reasons and so David watched the little pumpkin head for me while I was gone. Baby J took an interest in the "usually restricted" pantry and showed Daddy how to stack the cans. As you can see this was a popular activity for Josiah. David said that he kept trying to call them "blocks" or "BLAH" as Josiah calls them. He is definitely trying out new words each day. He doesn't always use the words he knows, but many times I have caught him repeating a word I have said. He loves to accomplish something new and is very proud of himself when he does.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Heather! I miss you guys very much! That is a cute pic with Josiah and you with the fire truck and the "tars." hehe. I'll talk to you later! Bye!