Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Doggie Dilemma

I came outside to play with Echo today and I found her in this state. She found these cones in the backyard and decided they were doggie toys. She carried it around like this for some time but of course when I got the camera out she dropped it. I managed to get her to pick it up again for the picture though.

Echo has a funny habit too. Whenever there are two toys in her line of vision at once she can't decide which one to play with. She will try desperately to bring BOTH toys back to you. She has this one rag doll toy with a ball on the end and she will shove that one back far in her mouth and also retrieve the ball in the front of her mouth and bring them both back to me. She is a multi-tasking doggie I guess!

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Anonymous said...

Your dog is so cute and so funny! I can't believe that with the cones and the 2 toys! hehe. That is too funny. Hope you guys are having a good time in your t\new town and new home! Kisses!