Saturday, September 16, 2006

Fair Frenzy!!

Today we took Josiah to the fair. Along for the ride were Grandma and Grandpa Walker, Uncle Brent and Aunt Katie, and 2nd Cousin Suzie as well as Momma of course. Daddy stayed home to do some work and have some alone time while we were out.

It was REALLY crowded, so much so that it was hard to enjoy much of anything at the fair. Usually, I like to look around at things and have the ability to peruse various stands where things are sold and also to see the dogs in the 4H building. However, this year it was all we could do just to walk through the buildings with the booths and in the dog area we had to move with the crowd and couldn't really stop to look at the dogs. I hope to go again this coming Friday, and maybe then I can see more at the fair.

Some of the highlights of the trip though were as follows: showing Josiah the firetruck where he immediately ran to the big "TAR" (tire) of the truck and touched and looked at it quite a bit; going to the petting zoo where he got to pet a goat, a sheep, and a little baby bunny. He also got to see some little chicks as well and he particularly liked looking at the geese. I made sure to take a picture of my little pumpkin head near the huge pumpkins again this year (look back at the blog in October of 2005 for a shot of him at 3 months). And we also took him on the Carousel! I took him on one at the mall a while back and he was scared of it then, but this time he seemed to enjoy it. Grandma and Grandpa waved at him everytime he came around to where they were sitting and he smiled really big at them each time around as well.

For most of the time, he rode in the stroller, confined by the straps. But when that became too much for him, he tried walking a bit and Grandma and I held his hands as he walked. I have found that if only one hand is held that he tries to sit down to avoid going in the direction you want him to go. So the two-handed trick works because we can keep him from sitting down! Towards the end of the fair trip he was getting pretty tired and do you know what entertained him for almost an hour? Grandpa got a free sample of a Go-Tart that he chewed on the outside wrapper (with the product inside) until he chewed a hole in the top and then began to squeeze the Go-Tart out little by little. And you buy all these expensive toys, right? Well, not really...around here the toys are given to us or we get them at a great discount. :)

Lastly, we all went to dinner (away from the crowded fair) at Famous Dave's, a really yummy BBQ place nearby. In his usual style, Josiah wanted to check out the lemons that everyone had in their waters. Suzie, Brent and I had our hand at trying to get Josiah's best lemon face. My favorite is pictured below. If you would like to see more fair pictures, let me know and I will send you the link to the album.

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